Sponsor Grandma

Resident sponsorships help to provide support for each individual animal. Supporting a resident with a monthly contribution helps us continue to provide amazing care and love to each animal.
Each sponsorship includes a thank you card, a cute photo of the animal, and a nice thank you video with the animal.


Her Story

Shadow, also known as ‘Grandma’ was given to Love Always when her original caregiver was taken into hospice.  It was her final wishes that Grandma be given lots of attention in addition to her regular extra special care she required.  Grandma is a special needs pup, so she needed an extra special home, with lots of Love, so it was a natural fit.  She has cataracts and had paralyzed back legs.  She has been with us for almost a year, and has started to regain the use of her legs.

She is an absolute testimonial to everyone out there to appreciate everything you have in life.  She is able to bring a smile to anyone’s face with her will to live and enjoy everything she can. Her calm demeanor makes her easy to love and helps everyone to focus on self-reflection.

Consider becoming a sponsor for Grandma and feel good about supporting an animal that deserves all the love she deserves.