Sponsor Kaishi

Resident sponsorships help to provide support for each individual animal. Supporting a resident with a monthly contribution helps us continue to provide amazing care and love to each animal.
Each sponsorship includes a thank you card, a cute photo of the animal, and a nice thank you video with the animal.


His Story

Kaishi is one of many of our senior dogs, who is approximately 15 years young! Kaishi was an  owner surrender at the shelter due to his age and health issues.

Kaishi suffers from many ailments including a heart murmur, blindness in both eyes, extreme dental issues such as rotting teeth, but we love him all the same.

Kaishi enjoys napping in the sun, and being cuddled by anyone.  Kaishi is no stranger to being friendly and will ask for your attention immediately upon seeing you, and you better listen to his orders by giving him some love back!  (He will bug you until you give in with a pet on the head).